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Captain Edward Drake

Name Edward Andreas Drake

Position Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1”
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Black, salt and peppered
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description In his life, Edward has been known as imposing, uptight, rigid and foreboding, none of which he does anything to hide, although he has preferred the term “proper”. For the majority of his life, he has always appeared as the largest personality in a room, regardless of his physical height compared to others, a feature only tempered by his assignment to the Alexander. No matter the stress of a situation or the position he finds himself in, Edward does his best to put off an air of being in control.

Physically, he is tall enough to be considered “tall”, but not so much so that he towers over anyone. Aged well, his skin has avoided the leathered look of most older men, his age truly only shown in the wrinkles that have formed, and the greyed hair, a trait that betrayed him early on. His eyes, a hazel, seem to have the ability to look into anyone and from them, pull on their own insecurities, making many a trained NCO shiver under his stern gaze.


Spouse Lieutenant Commander Sherri Drake [Deceased - 2381]
Children Michael Drake (20), Lieutenant First Class Alexander Drake (25), Lieutenant Leighann Drake (27)
Father Rear Admiral Nicholas Drake [RET]
Mother Michelle Drake, EngD [Deceased]
Sister(s) Fiona Drake.

Personality & Traits

General Overview To claim that Edward is an untrusting individual would be a general falsity, but one that has perpetuated in front of him regardless, and one he has used to his advantage. Somewhere along the way, his general demeanor of being proper often makes people assume his is cold, or unwelcoming, but nothing could be further from the truth. Having spent a great deal of time in his youth to listen instead of talk, the man is known for his watching stare, and his listening ears. In his personal life, he is often known by friends to be soft and welcoming, enjoying long conversations and the odd thoughtful game of chess. Following the loss of his wife, he launched himself more into his career, closing off a little to some of his old friends and asking his sister to take care of his son.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Known for thinking the long game
+tactical mind
+cool headed
+Positive listener

-Can come off as cold
-Not fond of large social gatherings.
Ambitions Edward is a serviceman through and through, and wants nothing more than to perform his duty to the fleet. If he had to choose somewhere to go in his later years, it would likely be towards the role of Fleet management, overseeing an area.
Hobbies & Interests Chess, taichi, classical literature, mystery holonovels and dog care (hiis dog Kyla, a Swiss Shepherd accompanies him everywhere since 2390)

Personal History Born to a cold English morning in January, 2344 he was to be the older of the two siblings of the Drake household. His father, a brilliant tactical officer who made himself a name in Cardassian War, and his mother, a gifted Engineer that avoided Starfleet service by working on various civil projects the Federation wide, specifically humanitarian operations. While home for paternity leave on Earth, the pair found a fondness for the life that Earth allowed them, and Michelle decided to make the return home permanent, with her husband deploying and returning when he was able.

Growing up with a distant father would normally be hard, but his Uncle was always there for the family and filled the role. While not to his father’s level, Calvin Drake enjoyed the mind games that would grow to be the favoured past times of Edward. He also was the one to introduce the young boy to the idea of tai chi and the idea of finding relaxation through exercise. His Uncle would also go one to form the way he felt about family, the idea of, even if they aren’t directly your own, family is family, and you look out for one another.

In terms of early education, Edward was rather ordinary. He wasn’t a “first in the class” type, averaging high seventies and mid eighties on most things he did test wise. Aside from a few years playing rugby, the boy spent his life flying very much under the radar, most teachers or family friends referring to him as “good” with little to nothing else to say following that. Where he really shone was the at-the-time popular strategy games that were popping up in holodecks around his mid-teens. He took to the idea of leading armies in classical settings, and seeing how his strategy played out. He became consumed with the teachings of Sun Tzu, and the tactics of Admiral Nelson and Vice Admiral Drake of his namesake. Edward found these kinds of massive battle formations, especially naval ones to be beyond fascinating. When it came time for him to choose what he wanted to do with his life, he didn’t even hesitate in heading straight for Starfleet.

Upon his entry into the academy, he applied to be a tactical officer, with a specialty in fleet tactics. Here again, Edward was nothing fantastic in his more basic classes, but in his theory and field studies classes, he excelled, honouring in his classes in regards to his tactical theory. In his third year, he met his to-be wife, Sherri O’Byrrne, an energetic woman who was inspired to be a doctor by her own home world’s issues with recent disease outbreak. Shortly after exiting the academy, the two were wed.

Out of the Academy, Edward was quick to make a name for himself in the skirmishes that formed around the end of the Cardassian War, as well as dealing with the Maquis terrorism cells that had popped up. Here he had made a name for himself in being effective at opposing the hit and run tactics employed by the group. Earning himself the nickname, the Dragon of the Badlands, as he had a knack for planning where to have Federation Vessels located to ensure delivery of resources. At the young age of twenty-five he was assigned to the Strategic Operations department of the USS Akagi, where he worked closely with the then-Commodore, S'Strei who saw the young man’s potential. Thought that potential would be truly tested in the years to come.

Miraculously, the Akagi would survive the entirety of the Dominion War, although not without it’s fair share of loss. Just prior to the War, the vessel was deployed to the Cardassian Border to assist in refugees fleeing the war, but was quickly drawn into the Federation-Klingon war as one of the few nearby carrier groups. This resulted in the squadrons aboard the carrier, and the escorts of the ship achieving far more kills than had been expected by most. To his credit, the then Lieutenant Drake became an important asset to the group, having a mind from playing those hologames so many years ago, surrounding the maneuvers and the positioning of ships. By the time the Dominion War had broken out, the entire group around the Akagi was well versed in the tactics of war, and worked around the ship in a marvelous way. When the first Battle for Deep Space Nine was lost, the carrier group was recalled inward to reinforce key Federation assets.

Pulling from the Maquis tactics he had once had to counter, Lieutenant Drake developed the Federation move known as the Prairie Storm Maneuver, named so for the sudden and fierce storms that often hit Earth’s prairie region of North America. A formation of fighters would bomb an installation, and jump in a different direction, momentarily diverting Dominion Assets, allowing the heavier hitting ships to move in and destroy key facilities. When the Dominion adapted, and began to aggressively push forward, Edward then switch tactics, and moved for Pyrrhic victory tactics, ensuring that captured Federation installations were deathtraps, going so far as to activate the warp drives on a bunch of under construction Federation vessels dry dock, creating a massive subspace explosion and destroying the pursuing Dominion Fleet.

When the final offensive into the Chin'toka system and Cardassian Space as a whole was planned, the vessel was deployed to the fight with its escort. It would be the only vessel in it’s carrier group to survive the assault, and even then, it incurred heavy losses, losing sixty percent of its fighter squadrons. It would later be reinforced by the USS Kittyhawk when it released it’s fighter squadrons shortly before being recalled for mothballing.

By the end of the war, the young Lieutenant would be promoted to Lieutenant Commander and go on to be assigned to Starfleet Command for a short while to discuss the tactics he was using during the war, and ways those tactics could be adapted. By this time, Sherri and him had their third child, which he took to stay with him on Earth. Meanwhile, his wife aboard the USS Vespa where she was stationed as the Chief Medical Officer. When an incursion into Federation space was made by the Borg, the Vespa was one of the ships deployed to the fight and, subsequently, destroyed in 2381, leaving Edward a Widower. He took this rather hard, and dove harder into his study of tactics and warfare. With his children old enough to be independant of their father, he took an assignment as the Chief Strategic Operations Officer and Second Officer aboard the USS Gareth on patrol of the Cardassian Border near the Argus Array. The vessel, at a time when the Federation was on high alert to the potential for war, had it’s civilian population turned away and focused primarily on military action.

The Gareth would go on to be involved in humanitarian operations following the Romulan homeworld being destroyed by the Supernova, and then the power vacuum that formed following that. Edward himself would eventually be made the First Officer of the vessel, and would serve there until 2394 when he was offered the position of First Officer aboard the freshly minted USS Alexander, as well as the promotion to Captain.