USS Alexander

Lieutenant JG Arsalon Sepandiyar, Ph.D

Name Arsalon Sepandiyar, Ph.D

Position Propulsion Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Thin but not gangly - Arsalon is very well built from a regular workout regimen as well as a job that sees him crawling through some of the tighter spaces about a ship. He gets his fair share of upper and lower body workouts along the way.

Grew up speaking Farsi with his family, but at the same time was raised in Starfleet. Unlike his Father, Arsalon and his brothers do not have any accents. They sound like any other North American raised human.

Not an imposing physical presence, but he knows his job well.


Spouse Idelle Sepandiyar (MacTaryn)
Father RADM Zavareh Sepandiyar - USS Alexander
Mother Saman
Brother(s) Cyrus (20), Roham (18), Jamshid (17), Arash (17)
Other Family The list could be endless.

Personality & Traits

General Overview As the oldest child, Arsalon was driven the hardest by his parents (read: Father) to be the absolute best he could be. He is extremely intelligent and driven, though now his focus is less on being the best and more on furthering his own research and widening the gap between him and his Father in terms of his career.

Very personable and easy to get along with. Does not wear a chip on his shoulder regarding his education and tries to avoid any connection between him and his Father (in Starfleet terms) like the plague.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength's:
- Math of any sort
- Physics of any sort
- Engineering of any sort
- Sports/Activities that require a steady hand/coordination.

- Piloting. He over thinks the maneuvers and tries to plot it out the way he would an Engineering/Math problem. Only works when none of the variables change.
- Not incredibly science oriented. Gets easily confused and it takes twice the effort to get ahead.
- Anything that has to do with going against his Father's plans.
Ambitions To separate his and his father's legacy's from one another and to build the life that he wants, not what his father has necessarily approved.
Hobbies & Interests - Scherezade Holo-adventures
- Captain Proton Holonovels
- Bowling (ask and he'll tell you the looong story of why)

Personal History As the oldest child, Arsalon was driven the hardest by his parents (read: Father) to be the absolute best he could be. His Father had been something of a savant in his youth and used that as the metric with which he judged his eldest son. To that end, Arsalon studied hard and excelled at his studies, graduating from what would be considered a secondary education at 15 and what would be considered University level at seventeen. Still under the yoke of his Father's influence, he went a step beyond and studied at la Sorbonne, gaining a Ph.D in particle physics with a focus on propulsion systems. From there, it was suggested (read: demanded) that he join Starfleet.