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Training Regimen

Posted on 07 Mar 2020 @ 3:54am by Lieutenant Commander Hamish Pembroke (*)

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: SB-99 - Infirmary
Timeline: MD1 - 1000 - Concurrent to Brass Tacks
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"It's good I was here for this," Doctor Pembroke declared assuredly as he finished putting away his surgical tools and then stepped back to let the computer scan and then decontaminate him from the surgical suite. A energy field came to life, boxing him in so it could do its work and then disappeared in front of him so he could step out. Behind him, a young part Andorian teen was unconscious but recovering, one of the only patients in the entirety of SB-99's expansive infirmary..

In front of him, Doctor Mackenzie Waterford, Starbase-99's CMO rolled her eyes dramatically. "What would we poor women do without you, Hamish?" she answered sarcastically.

"What would you, indeed?" he replied haughtily.

"How is your patient?" a third voice chimed in, just arriving in the room and looking wholly out of place amongst the medical personnel in her Command red. Captain Rebecca Coventry, the station's Executive Officer had joined them, looking past Hamish to the patient on the bed and then over to Hamish curiously. "Lieutenant Commander th'Chereth is beside himself with worry," she added, folding her arms and looking to Pembroke. "Tell me it is good news."

She knew Pembroke by reputation more than experience, though she did have a little with him from their work on Falkirk with the Jad'Lor. MacKenzie didn't like the man, yet drooled over him any chance she got, which told Rebecca her dislike was more of a professional facade than the reality of her opinion. Rebecca was more pragmatic about it. Hamish was a brilliant physician and an even more gifted surgeon; quite possibly one of the best in Starfleet and perhaps the Federation. But he was as arrogant as they came and on the edge of disdainful of Starfleet's more militaristic nature. It hasn't helped that he's spent his career in a position that isn't always beholden to the Captain, or any chain of command when it comes to a patients health, care or fitness for duty.

Given all that, she always approached him with the cold, hard, business manner of the stations Executive Officer. It seemed to work in containing his arrogance, at least with her. MacKenzie had yet to master it, but Rebecca doubted she tried very hard.

"She'll be fine," Hamish answered, "I was able to remove the inflamed organ without issue and without any additional hemorrhaging. The organ is undergoing analysis. It's going to take some time, but I suspect it will help others in the future. Though I'm uncertain how many other Andorian-Bajoran hybrids there are, or are likely to be. The simple fact she is alive is a miracle of science itself," he answered knowingly as he adjusted his uniform and pulled on the blue coat allowed for Medical Officers.

"Good," Coventry nodded gratefully, looking past him once more just to see for herself. She took a step towards the containment screen and then slowly turned back to Pembroke. "I needed to discuss something else with you. How soon can you have the cadets off this station and aboard the Alexander?" she asked bluntly, "The Infirmary is hectic enough with twelve Starfleet vessels docked, I need them out of the way."

Hamish shook his head as he tugged on his cuffs. "What cadets?"

Coventry cocked her head uncertainly as Mackenzie let out a bark of laughter, "They didn't tell you about the Cadets?" Mackenzie asked, clearly relishing that thought. For the last week a veritable army of Medical Cadets had been clogging the Infirmary, each of them looking for 'something they could help with' yet none of them really qualified to do more than put a tricorder on its charger.

"Medical Cadets?" he asked, the disbelief evident in his voice and the sudden rigidity of his body language.

Coventry gave the slightest of smirks, "Medical Cadets," she nodded, "Starfleet Medical has sent a group of Cadets that they feel would benefit from a tour with the Fleet before beginning at Starfleet Medical," she explained ,"They're all to be transferred to the Alexander under your command."

If she had known that Hamish wasn't aware of the orders she would have approached this differently. While it was a source of enjoyment for Mackenzie to see the man on his heels, given his temperament and disdain for the Chain of Command it would have gone better had she approached this differently. That ship had sailed though.

"They failed to mention it. How many?" he asked icily.

"Twenty-three," Mackenzie crooned, "Twenty-three wide-eyed, young officer candidates, eager to help!" she added with an evil smirk.

"I was under the impression you were aware, Commander," Coventry clarified, trying to disarm him to whatever degree possible. "We have quite a few Cadets here slated for transfer to the Alexander. Command feels that, given the size of the Alexander and the nature of your upcoming mission, that having a strong core of Cadets will be to theirs and Starfleet's long-term benefit."

"No," Hamish answered. "No, I am not running a daycare service. They can stay here until Starfleet can assign them elsewhere. You said there's twelve other ships here? That's two for each vessel and one lucky Doctor who only gets one. Problem solved," he shot back angrily. No, he was not going to play host to cadets clogging up the Sick Bay with useless questions and getting in the way of the efficiency of his area of expertise. It wasn't happening. It was bad enough having to deal with the Residents; cadets who hadn't even been tempered by Starfleet Medical and at least proven capable of that? Absolutely. Not.

Coventry shook her head and sighed, "It's not a debate, Commander. Starfleet Command has transferred them to the Alexander. As a courtesy to you I've held them here while the ship took on its supplies and dismbarked crew for shoreleave. Now that they have, it's time they were transferred into your charge," she explained firmly.

"As a courtesy? You mean until I did what you needed of me," Hamish shot back, gesturing to the patient behind him. "Quite the courtesy, indeed."

"So long as you continue to wear the uniform, you'll continue to treat the patients that need your help regardless. Don't even try to suggest otherwise," Coventry shot back hotly, "My courtesy would have kept them until 0700 tomorrow, but since you clearly want no part of that, their transfer is effective as of now," she all but growled, "Commander Waterford, inform the Cadets they're to report to Lieutenant Commander Pembroke aboard the Alexander immediately," she snapped at her, even though she'd not done anything wrong. She turned back to Hamish, now all but issuing steam from his ears in anger. "I expect a full medical log and analysis report on the affected organ from this procedure within twenty-four hours." she ordered clearly, "Do you understand these orders, Lieutenant Commander?"

Hamish drew his lips back from his teeth, debating the response he had in mind for the Captain but ultimately biting it back, "...yes," he managed through his teeth.

"Good. Then I'll leave you to it," Coventry answer tartly, "Carry on, Doctor," she added to Waterford as she turned on her heel and left.

Pembroke glared at the woman all the way out of the deck and then stared at the door, brooding over it all. He turned to Waterford slowly, the vitriol he had in mind for Coventry about to be unloaded on her and he could already see her steeling herself for the fight. As he began to open his mouth, his communicator badge chirped.

"Sepandiyar to Pembroke. Report to my Ready Room," the Admiral's voice chimed in over the comm.

Pembroke tapped his badge with a scowl, "On. My. Way."

Rebecca Coventry, MD
Executive Officer
Starbase-99 - Infinity Station

Mackenzie Waterford, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase-99 - Infinity Station

Hamish Pembroke, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Alexander


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