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Medical Emergency

Posted on 14 Jun 2020 @ 5:25pm by Commander Anson Corduke & Lieutenant Commander Tahmina Aker & Lieutenant Commander Hamish Pembroke (*)

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: USS Theseus - Main Engineering
Timeline: Immediately Following One Last Shot
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.:USS Theseus:.

Doctor Corduke trotted down the corridor towards main engineering, but picked up the pace when he saw the smoke and heard a scream of anguish from somewhere beyond. Behind him, Doctor Pembroke kept up even when he went faster. He might not have wanted to be here any longer than he had to, but he was still a physician, and it was clear something bad had happened. Corduke was going to need him. As they got closer the smoke got thicker, and when they rounded the corner towards the double doors that led into Engineering it was just as a trail of staff was coming out, choking on the smoke and trying to find clear air.

"Aker!?" Corduke called out.

"Over here!" a woman's voice called out from deep in Engineering. A moment later the smoke was vented and the room cleared out showing off the carnage within.

Something had ruptured along a bulkhead by the warp core and whatever had come out of that rupture had sent the crew working on it flying about like so much debris. At first glance, they all looked alive, but that first glance turned dark as they could see significant burns and penetration wounds from the debris.

"Holy hell, what happened?" Corduke asked, hurrying over to a woman crouched next to an Andorian male. The entire left side of his face had been charred by the blast, one eye badly damaged and both his antennae had been shorn off leaving an inches long gouge around the remaining left nub. He was barely conscious and the woman next to him was trying to keep him that way.

The dark-haired, petite woman tending him shook her head, "Overloaded the conduit. They miscalculated the load. Rookie mistake..." she answered, looking desperately to Corduke, "Please don't let it be his last."

Corduke dropped down beside her and Hamish did the same on his opposite side, already scanning him with the kit open beside him. "Massive internal hemorrhaging," Hamish declared immediately as Corduke visibly inspected the Andorian's wounds, "He'll need surgery. Now."

"Surgical suites not calibrated yet," Corduke answered, "Can you take him?"

"Of course," Hamish nodded, looking to the woman then around at the rest of the carnage. "You'll need more than yours for this."

Duke nodded and tapped his badge, "Doctor Corduke to the bridge. Blue Alert. I repeat, blue alert. All medical personnel to main engineering," he declared, looking to Hamish, "You got this?"

"I've got this," Hamish replied, shooing Duke off.

"What're you doing?" the woman asked, "You can't move him!"

Hamish gave her the med kit, "See to the others until the rest of Medical arrives," he declared as he shifted the Andorian so that his head was in his left arm. With his right he tapped his commbadge, "Pembroke to Alexander. I have a medical emergency. One to beam directly to Sick Bay. Energize," he ordered. The woman started to say something, but the hum of energy engulfed him and he rematerialized on the deck of the Alexanders Sick Bay. The working staff pausing surprise to see an incoming transport and then jumped to action as they realized what they were looking at.

"Prep surgical bay one!" Pembroke called out quickly, "Waverly, prep him, I need to scrub in," he ordered as his lead nurse came over and quickly took charge of the area. Hamish trotted to the prep area and got ready. This wasn't going to be terribly difficult, but it was going to have to be done with speed. Andorian's weren't as resilient as Humans in this regard; he stood a good chance of losing him on the table if he couldn't stabilize his internal injuries, and fast.

.:Crew Lounge - USS Alexander:.

There was something about the Alexander's lounge that just spoke to Hamish. Maybe it was the size of it, making it easy to disappear in, or maybe it was the soft tinkling of the water in the fountains or maybe it was just the chance to be surrounded by living breathing plants of significant size and beauty. He always liked hiking or camping out in the wilderness and while there wasn't much wilderness aboard a starship, the way the lounge had been decorated with large leafy plants and small trees gave him as close to that feeling as he was going to get. Sure, the holodecks could replicate it, but nothing was quite like the real thing.

It had been one hell of an afternoon. He'd only gone to the Theseus to try and get rid of some of his Cadets, and while he'd succeeded on that front he'd also found himself smack in the middle of a full scale medical emergency that not only pulled his staff over but the staff of the Ardeshir and de Grasse as well. Even Doctor Mackenzie from the station dropped in to help. Alexander had the more state of the art equipment, so naturally they got the more difficult cases which, after the Andorian (Ensign th'Graan) were nothing terribly complicated. They had just been significant. Major burns, large scale penetration wounds and near ambutations. The conduit that had ruptured did so with extreme force.

Hamish lifted his beer to his lips and took a sip, savoring that beautifully bitter flavor when an entire pitcher of it appeared on the table, followed by a woman who sat down in the chair opposite him with a spare glass. He looked at her over the top of his glass, caught somewhere between irritated that someone would just join him and interested, as the woman was quite attractive. Of course, as all of that was working through his head he realized that this was the woman from the Theseus, the Chief Engineer.

"Typically, I'd tell you I prefer to be alone. As you've brought an offering... perhaps an exception," he said by way of greeting.

"Scuttlebutt is you like the Solar Flairs brew, so..." she said, gesturing to the pitcher as she poured herself a glass. "... that's what I brought," she said, putting the pitcher down and raising her glass. "Cheers."

Hamish nodded, still caught between intrigued that she'd just help herself and annoyed that his moment of peace had been interrupted. He did prefer to spend his time in the lounge along, watching the other people go about their leisure time and letting his mind unwind a bit. But then again, a beautiful woman had come to his table with a pitcher of beer intent on his company. It hardly seemed wise to send her on her way.

"I'm Tahmina Aker, by the way," she said after she finished her sip.

"So you are," he replied. "Hamish Pembroke."

She raised her glass and drank again, "Doctor Corduke says you're one of the best surgeons he's ever seen. Which, from what I understand, coming from someone who's been around as long as Duke, that's pretty substantial."

"He's correct," Hamish nodded.

"Skilled, and modest. Now that's a combination," she fired back playfully.

"Modesty is just a form of uncertainty and fear," Hamish answered haughtily. "I know what I'm capable of, and Duke's right. There's few that can match... if anyone can match," he clarified, his trademark arrogance on full display. The thing with Hamish was he really was as good as he said he was, and while arrogant as the day was long, he was only that way on surgical matters in which he knew he was the best at. Other things, where he was out of his depth, he was casually indifferent of and often dismissive of altogether rather than let it be known he was pitiful at it.

"Oh, is it?" she asked sarcastically, "I just assumed it was a form of manners. A means of not holding your superiority over someone else," she growled playfully, purposely trying to push the man's buttons.

He looked at her, shaking his head ,"You came here to insult my personality, Tahmina?"

"No," she chuckled, "I came here to say thanks for helping today. For saving my Engineer. Picking on your insecurities is just good fun," she grinned, leaning across the table as if daring him to pick a fight.

"Is this how you flirt?" he asked, shaking his head.

"Well, wouldn't you like that?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "What makes you think I'd be interested in a man like you?"

"The brilliant, handsome surgeon that just saved your man? What's not to be interested in?" Hamish asked, giving her a crooked, cocksure grin.

Tahmina laughed out loud and looked him over like he were a piece of meat on the block for auction, "I suppose you're handsome," she agreed, "If you like that skinny, English type. Lot of forehead there, not much from the back. Beard's a bit outside my taste, but... depending... I could be over it," she replied, "I'd say... eight out of ten. Personality pushing you closer to seven," she assessed, drinking her beer.

"Ah, says the short, slightly busted woman with the..." he leaned to the side of the table. He pursed his lips in assessment. "...wide berth? Bit long in the face... I'd say six of ten. Possibly a seven, should that..." he said, gesturing to her hips, "...prove more appealing than it seems."

Aker, rolled her tongue over her teeth in playful disbelief, still leaning on the table and looking at him, shaking her head slowly. "And what would make it more appealing?" she asked.

"Not sure," he replied haughtily, "Something that would have to be assessed. First hand, by a qualified professional," he replied.

"Is that right," she asked, cocking her head, smirking. She leaned a little further onto the table, "Would that be just first hand, or with both hands?" she asked.

Hamish flashed a roguish, victorious grin, "As many handlings as could be," he said, leaning forward too.

"Well," Tahmina whispered, "You think you're the man for that job?" she whispered.

"The best for it," he replied.

"Then there's only one thing left for us to do, handsome," she grinned, leaning a little closer so he did the same. She held his gaze for a long, sultry second, knowing she had him right where she wanted him, and as she bit her lip seductively, she raised her right hand and poured the pitcher of beer over his head.

Hamish cried out in surprise, shooting up from the chair in disbelief that she'd just doused him in sticky cold beer. Tahmina laughed loudly and several of the people nearby looked on in surprise, laughing as well.

"Bloody hell, woman!" Pembroke cried out angrily.

She just laughed, standing up with her beer, grinning widely. "Well, Doctor. Thank for you helping my crew today, and for a wonderful evening. But I think it's time I take my wide berth back home. Cheers," she smiled, toasting him one last time, leaving him standing there. Speechless. Hamish watched her go, for the first time in a long time lost for words.

Hamish Pembroke
Chief Medical Officer
USS Alexander

Tahmina Aker
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Theseus


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