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Bridge Shuffle

Posted on 08 Mar 2020 @ 5:58pm by Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: Main Bridge - USS Alexander
Timeline: MD1 - 0935HRS - Immediately Following An Ongoing Mission
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Zavareh gave a brief goodbye to Captain's Hawthorne and Parnell, who had lingered a few moments in the Alexander's Conference Room after the newly minted Captain Callum's departure and then ascended the stairs from the lower level of the bridge to the main level. It was Alpha shift, but most of the senior staff was on the Starbase, or had not reported for duty yet, leaving the lesser ranking staff on duty. Since the ship wasn't actually on active duty there really was no need for the senior staff to be at their stations. Regardless, the staff on duty perked up immediately at the sight of the Admiral on the bridge but he'd long ago squashed their knee-jerk reaction to stand up whenever he walked on the bridge. He wanted them to go about their duties as he came and went at his leisure or need to run the ship.

The Admiral offered a brief nod to the Tactical officer on the second level arch behind the Captain's chair as he took his seat in the center and brought up the holo displays on his arm-rest terminal. As an old Operation Officer his preferred analytics related to that aspect of the ship, but as with all Captain's he was able to access all points of interest on the ship to better understand their operational capacity and the issues related to the ship at the moment. Since they were currently docked, it generally meant a Blue Alert, but considering the size and power needs of the Alexander they weren't feeding off the stations power. To that end Zavareh consulted the readings and made a few preferred adjustments in lieu of the Operations Chief he knew hadn't reported to duty yet.

It reminded him of the old days, when his cares were limited to the power levels evident on the screen in front of him. Before the heavy weight of responsibility had really settled in around him; when Saman was still with him, and their house truly a home. It hadn't been the same since her passing, despite his every effort to try and keep things the same the simple fact that she wasn't there was and there was nothing he could do to mask that. It had affected his sons most of all, as expected, but none more so than the twins. Within weeks of her passing they had descended into a level of mischief that seemed without equal. Most boys their age were prone to finding trouble; it was a right of passage to test the limits just to understand where they were, but for the last three years they had been trying his patience to the point he very nearly sent them away. He knew that Saman would have simmered them down, and him down for that matter, but having lost her he just couldn't bear to send the boys away and add another loss to their family. He knew they'd be gone soon enough and he'd have no choice in the matter. They'd go find their own way.

His eldest, Arsalon, had left for La Sorbonne before Saman had died. He was out in the fleet when she had died, and though he took a brief bereavement leave, he was soon back out to the Fleet as was his duty. Zavareh might not have ever expressed it so simply, but he was proud of Arsalon and all that he'd achieved despite the long shadows an Admiral of his rank cast for his sons. That mean that with Saman gone, Zavareh was left to raise four sons on his own without any real idea on how to do it. Saman was the literal heart and soul of the family, where he was cold, firm and authoritarian. It was just as much of a challenge for him as it was for the boys. But he had to believe some of it came out alright. Cyrus had earned his admittance into Starfleet Academy, the twins had simmered down (well at least compared to the madness of the last few years) and for the first time since Saman had passed, Zavareh felt as if his family were... whole.

Now his fears weren't for how to raise his family, but how to keep them around. Cyrus was in his second year at the Academy and the twins had taken up pestering the duty officers to let them volunteer in their departments. Jamshid was a regular on the flight decks while Arash was the same in Engineering. The only one not on the fast track to their dreams was his middle son, Roham. Without him, Zavareh wouldn't have been able to keep the family in order the way he had, but he couldn't help but feel guilty for allowing his son to forgo whatever his own dreams were for the sake of the rest of the family. He knew he had to set that right with his son; he had to help him find whatever it was his heart desired and let him go for it without the weight of his brothers, or him, holding him back. He just didn't know what that desire might be. His method of parenting didn't exactly open emotional doors or endear confessions from his sons. He was firm, cold, and loving in his own distant way. Which meant, in simple terms, he had no idea what it was his son wanted to do with his wife because he'd never told him and Zavareh had never asked. That is to say, he didn't know how to.

Zavareh's focus has faded from the screens as his mind wandered and he drew it back to point, making a few minor adjustments to the power alignments. The usual hustle and bustle of staff moving to and fro was background noise until a pair of feet appeared in his little carve out on the bridge, drawing his attention upwards. It was an elder man in Starfleet blue, once he had Zavareh's attention he gave a curt nod and smiled, "Salem."

"Sobh be kheyr," the Admiral answered, perking up at the sound of a familiar language if not a familiar face.

"I hope I am not bothering you, Admiral, but I am Doctor Turan of the Ardeshir," the man offered.

"Ah," Zavareh nodding, standing up to shake his hand. He'd seen the Doctor's name in some of the reports Captain Hawthorne had provided but he'd never actually met the man nor did he know much more about him than suspecting he was of the same heritage in simply reading his name. "What can I do for you, Doctor?"

Turan offered a data PaDD to the Admiral, "I have received this from Starfleet Academy, and was requested to bring it to you," he explained, "It is a listing of Academy cadets that the Academy would like transferred aboard the vessels in this area, the great majority of which they want aboard the Alexander," he declared matter-of-factly. Kasra hated being the one that had to bring this information, but the Academy seemed to think that because he was a former member of their faculty that he was the right person to manage these cadets orders. "The Academy has asked that I serve as their 'advisor' during their deployment in the area as well," he added.

Zavareh quietly perused the PaDD for a moment and then looked up and gestured to his ready room, "Tea?" he asked.

"Of course," Kasra nodded gratefully.

The Admiral led the way to his ready room, reading the data PaDD as he walked and heaving a slow sigh. Drake was going to love this but Pembroke... was going to go mad.

Zavareh Sepandiyar
Commanding Officer
USS Alexander

Kasra Turan
Chief Medical Officer
USS Ardeshir


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