USS Alexander

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For Family

Posted on 13 Mar 2020 @ 10:25am by Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake
Edited on on 16 Mar 2020 @ 5:51pm

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: Starbase 99
Timeline: 1100
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Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake stared out at the massive ship that filled and dominated the interior viewports of the Starbase. The USS Alexander was a magnificent ship, one that demanded respect of those around it with its sheer size, firepower, and beauty of its own.

The Marine was left to wonder how the hell the bloody thing fit inside of the Starbase, to begin with. The Ascension Class starship in front of him was the largest Starfleet current produced and was one of only a handful in service because of the resources required to run it. The ship's width was greater then some ships were long. Likely one of the entrances on the exterior of the Starbase had been modified to allow the ship to enter with many of Starfleet's newer and larger designs but that really wasn't his concern he supposed.

No, his concern was that of the Marine Battalion that was stationed aboard the massive vessel. First Battalion, Fourth Regiment of the Second Division. It was actually a rather small command for that of a Marine of his rank, but Colonel Sadler had informed Aaron that he had been selected for a couple of reasons for this command. He was experienced, had worked embedded with the Fleet in the past and Aaron was a realist. He knew when to fight when to back away and when to defer. Something that might turn interesting with a strong-willed Admiral that commanded the ship his Battalion was attached to.

"What's going on deep in that thick skull of yours?" Came a soft steady voice into the small universe Aaron had created around himself. Few had wanted to approach the man in green that appeared to be brooding at the viewport. Marines were like lepers to some, not all but some. Never Sarah though.

"Just trying to figure out what section of the hull they cut out to get that ship in there," Aaron replied as he reached an arm over his wife and pulled her in close to him. "Figure it had to be a pretty large chunk to let it. Bet you they didn't even warn the Cadets in the section either, just let them freak out a bit." He chuckled.

"Nah, bet you they made the cadets get out and scrub lard on either side and squeezed it in like a tube of toothpaste," Sarah replied with a small laugh of her own. It was definitely something to behold and consider, how the massive ship got in there. "So, life in the stars, further away from home then we've ever been before. Alone with only 3 other ships for support and whatever deep space explorer, we may come across now and again. You'll be pretty much running the show answering to one man who's technically not even your boss. How's it feel?"

"Lesser men may bawk at the challenge, it's a daunting task for a strong-willed individual," Aaron responded in a deadly serious voice.

"Really? Where do you suppose we could find one of those strong-willed individuals?" Sarah asked in a matching tone. "Only a truly stellar man could take on this challenge and succeed no?"

"Yes, only a truly stellar man. I suppose the Admiral will just have to make do with me," Aaron replied with a smile, "The Battalion's been on the ship for a while now. Colonel Rutland ran the Battalion before being recalled from what I understand the General wanted him to head Twelfth. Colonel Sadler picked me to succeed him, which I guess should be an honour. A command in the Second Division can lead to a lot of places."

"Don't lie, he asked you said yes." Sarah paused for a moment before looking up at her husband, "For me."

"Well we've spent so much time doing things for my career, I figured returning the favor for once might be a good idea." Aaron said, truth ringing far to much in the statement. Sarah had given up a lot for Aaron throughout the years, not that he had forced her to do anything for him, she had done it for the reason he had done this. He loved her simply put. Sarah had once dreamed of exploring the stars only for said dreams of serving in Starfleet to be taken away by Chatsa Disease, a rare medical condition for people born on the Moon. While manageable with treatment it was chronic and had exempted her from service.

Thus most of their lives had been spent going from base to base wherever Aaron was posted, until now. Now he figured she might get the chance to explore the stars even if it be from the safety of the Alexander.

"Thank you." Sarah said once more as Aaron kissed the top of her head and held her tight.

"Well, shall we embark? I hear we have a nice set of quarters, senior officer ranking an all. On a ship this size, they're bound to be comfy, you know how the fleet likes to pamper their people." He grinned a mischievous grin.

"We shall good sir. We shall." Sarah said as she pulled away, pulling his hand into hers and they turned away from the viewport and disappeared into the crowd.

Aaron Drake
Commanding Officer
First Battalion, Fourth Regiment
USS Alexander


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