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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Posted on 23 Jun 2020 @ 12:14am by Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar & Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake
Edited on on 23 Jun 2020 @ 12:14am

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: USS Alexander - TBD
Timeline: 1,540 Words - 3 posts
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After getting Sarah settled into their shared, rather large and spacious quarters (which to be honest considering the size of the Alexander hadn't been too surprising to Drake), Aaron had made a quick stop off at his new office before heading to the bridge. Clad in the standard duty variant version of his uniform since meeting the Admiral while in a BDU style dress was likely not a great idea, Aaron stood in the large turbolift as it headed towards the command and control center of the ship.

Well, in reality, it was the bridge, but with the size of this ship, Command and Control center made more sense to the Marine. He considered his own appearance for a moment past his uniform, his hair was freshly cut, short and beard well kept, he didn't want to set a bad example of the Corps to Sepandiyar after all. With a final tug at his uniform, the doors parted as the lift slowed to a halt and he made his way onto the bridge. The room was a bit warmer than standard and lively a sure sign the Admiral himself wasn't on the bridge.

With a nod to the officer on duty, Aaron moved towards the side door towards the Admirals office. Of course, proper manners dictated that he stop and hit the call button waiting to be allowed to enter rather then moving in himself.

The doors opened without a biddance offered, but it was to let out another officer. The tall man in a white lab coat stopped in surprise to see the man standing there but countered quickly, "He's all yours, Colonel," Doctor Pembroke said, going on up the stairs back onto the bridge.

"Come," a second voice called out.

As so called, Aaron entered the office after a glance towards the fleeing doctor, no not fleeing just leaving in a hurry. He made a note to stop in with the Doctor soon with Sarah for his own boarding physical and to discuss... Sarah's medication. Entering the ready room, Aaron took in the expansive room that was likely tailored to the man who used it. He looked older, dignified, it was the eyes though that made Aaron know he was not a man to be trifled with.

"Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake sir, reporting to replace Colonel Rutland as the Commanding Officer of the Battalion."

"I certainly doubt you can replace Colonel Rutland," Zavareh answered coldly, taking off his glasses and heaving a sigh. "Welcome aboard, regardless. You've come highly recommended," he said, offering his hand to shake and then gesturing to the holo table that he'd been holding court over when the man had walked in. It had been display statistics of Sick Bay and the combined assets of medical personnel of the Alexander, Ardeshir, deGrasse and Theseus but he disabled those and instead brought up the stats on the Marine continent spread across their erstwhile Fleet. "What do you know of the Alexander, and our support ships?" he asked.

"Replacing in position only sir," Aaron replied with a slight chuckle, "Well Admiral it's damned near the largest ship I've ever seen. I'm actually surprised it was even able to fit inside the starbase. She's a mobile starbase and the other ships will be the escort fleet. Science, combat, something for everything. This battalion will be mostly spread out over all the ships with the majority here on the Alexander since there's not as much room on the others. We're here as a... backup; smash in case of emergency type situations where Security isn't enough."

Sepandiyar nodded, "Yes. We are going to be far from home, and more likely to need this kind of support when we find trouble. Because we will find it; we've seen too much in this sector of space to leave little hope of peaceful inhabitants," he said with a resigned air. "We'll press on regardless. Perhaps we can provide the stabilizing factor the region needs," he continued. "Have you dealt much with Starfleet Security? Can you handle the invariable struggle that will exist between the two groups?" he asked. He hated dealing with the competitiveness between the Marines and Security personnel. They thought themselves as odds with one another for the most part, when in reality they were the two ends of the same snake.

"Unless your security chief creates issues Admiral, you will have none from me. Security and Marines have two different skillsets and uses. Forced boardings, orbital insertions, an actual full blown combat zone, that's where Marines thrive. Think foreign and domestic, anything domestic, on board the Alexander, is under the purview of the Security contingent on board. If asked to help in repelling boarders or offering additional security to sensitive areas or diplomats we can assist with but I wont be going out of my way to force the Marines into an area that they arent already." Aaron replied with a slight shrug, "That being said, I can't stop the grunts on either side from creating issues, only fixing the ones they create. Armoured Marines tend to be a bit more level headed regardless."

"Get ahead of it as much as you can, Colonel. I want both departments working seamlessly together. However you think you can do that best," the Admiral answered. He turned off the holo feeds and then the table itself, "Is there anything you need from me, or from the station before we get underway? You are fully stocked, manned and prepared for this cruise? Falkirk will be the closest Marine facility to where we are going to be, but it will still be far enough away to make it difficult to get reinforcement or resupply."

"People is the biggest thing Admiral," Aaron replied with a nod, "Parts are easy, much of my armour was designed to use parts similar enough or the exact same as those used in Starships to allow for large stockpiles of parts. Most of the rest that aren't, we have large stores of spread about the task group or are replicable. There are still some we cant bring with us or replicate but if the armour is damaged enough to need those types or parts only a full overhaul facility like Falkirk would be able to help us anyways."

Sepandiyar just watched him speak carefully with nothing to add. Marines and armor weren't his background, but personnel and supplies were. The Operations Officer in him had already calculated the supply lines and relative needs of the ship despite having officers to do that.

The Lieutenant Colonel paused for a moment before continuing, "Personnel wise, we are full up at the moment. Colonel Rutland took a few of his staff back with him but I've managed to find replacements. They'll all be here before we depart the starbase. Though my wife will likely want to grab a few things from some of the shops on the starbase before we leave on a more personal note."

The Admiral just gave a steely nod, "I'm sure all the families will. I don't intend for us to return to 99, Falkirk or any other facility without a good reason. If all goes as planned, not at all for quite a while. The Alexander is effectively a starbase after all."

"Yes well its large enough to fit an entire battalion of Armour on it and still hold a wing of aircraft, I'd say its almost large enough to be a starbase, sir." Aaron said with a laugh, "The Alexander is something of itself Admiral, I didn't think Starfleet had it in them to build something this big I thought they were more into smaller Multi-role vessels."

"The Galaxy is changed. The nature of Starfleet's needs are changed. We have to meet that or fall behind the rest of the quadrant," Sepandiyar explained, "We're the first of a new generation. Let's set the right example," he declared emphatically. "For Starfleet and your Marine Corps."

"Yes well... Alot of things have changed over the last decade or two Admiral, not always for the best either." Aaron replied with a grimace, "Though I believe ships like this with her mission are a return to what it should all be about, reaching out, going further and farther than before." He laughed, "With thoughts like that I should have been in the Fleet rather than the Marines."

"Two sides of the same coin, Colonel," Zavareh nodded. "Now. Secure whatever last things you need from 99, and prepare to get underway. I do not wish to linger here any longer than we must. Do you have any questions?"

"I'm sure Sarah is doing that already." Aaron said with a nod in return, "No Admiral at this time I do not, I''m sure I might in the future after I explore the ship and crew some more, but we shall cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Then I'll leave you to it, Colonel," Sepandiyar declared with finality.

"Thank you for your time Admiral," Aaron said as he turned to leave, "I look forward to working with you." With another more respectful nod, the Marine continued his turn and exited the ready room.

Zavareh Sepandiyar
Commanding Officer
USS Alexander

Aaron Drake
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Alexander


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