USS Alexander

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Of the Same Name

Posted on 11 Aug 2020 @ 4:40am by Captain Edward Drake & Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake
Edited on on 14 Aug 2020 @ 10:28pm

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: USS Alexander - XO's Ready Room
Timeline: MD02 -1630HRS
1913 words - 3.8 OF Standard Post Measure

Aaron Drake was on a mission to find the executive officer of the ship. Despite the fact the Alexander was technically under the command of Admiral Sepyandir, he was an admiral in rank and position, one that required his views to be cast over a much wider purview then that of a normal ships captain and one that covered a fleet. Because of that, most of the decisions on the day to day of running the Alexander fell to that of the pseudo-Commanding Officer, or officially, the Executive Officer Captain Edward Drake.

Aaron didn't know much about this other Drake only that he was well regarded within the senior command staff of the Fleet one that was of a more tactical mindset due to his upbringing within the Fleet during the terrible Dominion Wars. Hopefully, this meant that the two Drakes would get along. That however remained to be seen until they actually met and talked. After his introduction and chat with Admiral Sepyindar, the Marine Lieutenant Colonel had set out to find the Captain to have a chat about his expectations and goals for the Marine contingent aboard the ship.

Having stepped out of his office, Edward was doing what he did best, walking and thinking. Not with his head buried in a PaDD like so many others, but just as he wandered, free to be able to be stopped by the crew if they had questions or wanted to talk. It was how he liked to be. And when he was politely nodding to those who simply passed him by, he could consider the developing tensions on the Romulan Borders, the increased cooling of relations with the Klingons, and the warming of relations with the Cardassians. All of which, in his head, he mentally prepared recommendations for Fleet movements.

In his thoughts he'd found himself just outside his own office as he paused for a brief second to brace himself for the very excited dog that would greet him when the door opened.

"Ah, hello Captain Drake," Aaron called as he rounded the bend of the corridor and saw his quarry outside the doors to his own office. Well his first guess to try the mans office had paid off. "Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake, I'm replacing Colonel Rutland."

In a momentary distraction, Edward turned to face the Marine standing before him, while having hit his button to unlock and open his office at the same time. Instead of an organized greeting, the man was caught off-foot by the mass that was Kyla who all but lept into his arms. Upon realizing that her master was not alone, she, with the grace of a bag of potatoes, dropped to the ground and padded over to the newcomer. With the brief distraction contained for a moment, the Captain extended a hand to the Colonel to offer a shake. "Pleasure to meet you Marine, perhaps we'd be best to take this inside, no?"

Aaron couldn't help the smile from gracing his face as he took the mans hand and gave it a good shake. His father had once told him you could tell a lot about a man from his dog, if he had one, and the other Drake's dog seemed rather well trained yet energetic. "Of course Captain, I take it the dogs leaping greeting is of the norm." He said waving towards the office looking down at the four legged friend who he found sniffing around at his shins.

"Only when she is left for a period of time without me," he replied as he moved into the office, placing his PaDD on the small table near the entry wall before crossing behind the pair of wingback chairs and to his replicator. A teapot and two cups appeared on the pad, as he moved back and placed it on the small table between the two. "Please, have a seat, get comfortable."

Aaron settled into the seat, stroking the top of the dog's head as he watched the Captain pour the tea into the accompanying cups, "A good tea I hope, nothing too generic?" The Marine asked the Starfleet officer as he accepted a cup of steaming liquid. "Now where shall we begin sir?"

"Please, I try to avoid the Picard Special," joked the Captain as he seated himself. "You sought me our solider, which tells me you are looking to check-in and to get a sense of what I expect from you," he added, getting comfortable and eyeing his dog with a smile. "And call me Edward, but keep it to the room here. A small degree in the separation of rank is not enough behind closed doors for me to care too much about. Before I tell you what I expect, how about you tell me your plans?"

"I haven't had a chance to speak with the Chief of Security for the ship yet, but I don't plan on trying to infringe on their territory. Marines are Marines, not heavily armed Security." Aaron said with a shrug as he sipped at the steaming liquid. "Aaron if you'd like, its what my wife calls me so it must be my first name." He chuckled to himself as he nodded in appreciation of the tea.

"I will assist Security if and when they ask me too, but as a primarily Armoured Battalion, our vehicles are a little large to roll down the corridors even for a ship of this size. Some cross-training might be of use, get them used to our vehicles if they accompany us to planetside. My understanding is Starfleet Security was looking to adopt some of them for their own use on more remote planets anyways. Otherwise, training, lots of it."

Nodding along with the man, Edward politely smiled as he talked. "Training is always in demand," he said at the conclusion. "I would say that the Security of this ship can always use assistance in furthering their drills. In fact, that leads perfectly into the goals I had for having both Marine and Starfleet elements aboard this vessel." Taking a sip of his own tea, he settled a little more comfortably into the chair. "We have a unique position, one of the largest ships in the Fleet, a Flagship to 9th Fleet specifically, and with a rotating door of cadets on their Familiarization Cruise, we are going to have a lot of opportunity for training. And be a key target for attack," the Captain said with a nod.

"I would love to see simulated boarding training, with both your Marines and the Security forces acting as OpFor. Also, I feel like Lieutenant Commander Prenar needs someone to remind him to breathe every once and a while. So perhaps discuss that with him. I do believe our fight operations are equipped to handle carrying boarding pods as well, perhaps your teams should make themselves familiar with those." Kyla had since padded away from the Marine and over to her small corner of the office, which Edward turned to regard, before looking back. "As for Armor Deployments, I think it would be wonderful to see the Security members of this ship made familiar. Maybe see about booking training time with the Fighter elements in the holodeck, I would be happy to move the schedules over to training during an Alpha shift."

"Well, its what we Marines do best isn't it? " Aaron asked with a chuckle as set his cup down, "Train. If we have to deploy its obviously not the best time for all and we like it that way. Make training a bloodless operation, and the operation a bloody training day was something my last Commanding Officer once said. If we can have them drilled so well, the instincts take over and it keeps people alive in situations when they might typically panic. To that extent doing some OpFor training would be useful for both sides. Switching back and forth. That's something for me to figure out with the Security chief though."

Turning to a more personal topic, "What part of England?"

Edward chuckled at the shift of conversation. "Family is from Bristol, spent most of my childhood there until I joined Starfleet. My youngest inherited the house, right on the Avon, and works as a civil engineer from there now. Yourself?" he asked politely.

"Hampshire area, near Southampton. A little village called Newbridge." Aaron said with nod, "More of a blip on the radar on the Isle. For someone with dreams like me, felt a little stifling as a child, though when I look back it wasn't too bad. I don't think I've been back since I graduated Thunderridge though."

"Just across the bay, Isle of Wight, right? I've never been, but I am pretty sure I flew over once or twice in my youth. Nan owned a cottage in Sandown just aways from the channel. I only remember as my Uncle used to ramble about the small towns you'd pass over." Edward laughed. He'd never imagined serving with another Drake, likely distantly related, let alone that they may have been so close by.

"Yes that would be the one. Some beautiful days on the Isle for sure." Aaron said considering the small distance between the two Drake clans. "I tried to go back after I got married but it can be difficult, and long distance runs can be hard on the Wife so we ended up just vacationing on the nearest resort planet which... was alot more sun and alot less rain though so."

With a solid laugh, Edward replied "I don't think I knew anyone to consider the Channel to be sunny, so that might be for the best," he smile spread. "I remember many a childhood playing chess with my uncle because it was pouring so hard outside."

"Well you know what they say about your past, rose coloured glasses and all that." Aaron laughed in response. "There were more then a few rather wet days while out playing some footie." Aaron drained the last of his tea before setting the cup back down. "I feel like we could probably talk for hours Captain about our childhood near a shared home, however its probably best if we continued during a off duty time. I'm sure Sarah would love a chance to cook a meal sometime soon."

"I would be delighted to continue it. In Cargo bay 2, stored with some of my personal effects I have a few bottles of Scotch I have been holding onto for quite some time, kept nice and dark. Perhaps when we have a chance to break one open then?" Edward stood, and once more extended a hand to the Marine. "I also look forward to serving with you, Colonel."

"And I you Captain. Hopefully it will be a rather uneventful deployment for my own group, but I'm not hedging my bets." Aaron said as he took the proffered hand and gave it a shake. "Speaking of, I need to stop off at my office before making sure all our equipment is secured to the deck. Would hate for a Chieftain to be floating around if we lost gravity plating." He finished with a chuckle.

"Then carry on Colonel, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with." Edward smiled back as he watched the man leave. Alone in the room, the Captain turned to Kyla and laughed. "Tell me now girl, what are the chances?"


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