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Brass Pillars

Posted on 30 Jun 2020 @ 4:12pm by Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar & Captain Edward Drake
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Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: Conference Room - USS Alexander
Timeline: MD02 - 0915HRS - After Vesta Mission "Wrong Place, Right Time"
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There were many who made claims that the Vesta was a ship dipped in opulence. This was a claim that Commodore Minawara rejected time and time again, though he secretly knew that was an aspect of the ship for sure. It was designed to invoke thoughts of relaxation and easy, the difference in painted hull a key part of that. It was a Starfleet ship, sure, but it was something else as well, a beacon of hope to some, a gemstone on the hilt of the Federations sword to too many. But compared to the Alexander the Vesta was a drop in the bucket of resources. A truly massive vessel, the Alexander had captured the former Engineer's fascination from the moment he saw it.

Having beamed over from the Vesta Yoshi had been met with an aid who wouldn't quite meet the Commodore's eye, a sign that things were not good. Not just an unsure NCO, but also the fact Admiral Sepandiyar was not present. This meant one of two things; that he was to be on the receiving end of the Admiral's famous cold shoulder, or that the Admiral was tied up with the Major General. Or both, something said in the back of his head. He suppressed that thought and followed through the massive halls. His own Admiralty uniform looked out of place on him, he thought to himself, the slung facsimile arm that hung in a decorated-to-match brace was merely a medical device to keep the nerves alive and well so after his surgery, he would be able to use his arm as normal again. Finally, the pair arrived at a conference room aft of the bridge where he was directed to a chair at the table and told the Admiral and General would be along shortly. Yoshi's face remained unchanged, though inside he grimaced. "Thank you Crewman," he said and turned to face the massive windows for a moment. "I am glad I didn't keep them waiting," he said to no one, as the man had left him.

The two men that walked through the door a few moments later made quite the pairing. The polished Starfleet Officer, balding gracefully and wearing an Admiral's uniform not unlike the other officer in the room followed by a Marine in utility fatigues, sidearm on his hip and scowl on his face. The sight of a Marine on a Starfleet ship wasn't unusual in the least; but seeing a Major General certainly was. Major General Iain MacTaryn was one of the highest ranking Marines in Starfleet; the proverbial white rabbit in the flesh. His official base of operations might have been a fair clip away from SB-99 but for this, he'd made the special trip.

Preceding him was Admiral Sepandiyar, commanding officer of this particular ship, and one of three ranking officers of 9th Fleet. Obsidian Fleet. There might have been two others like him, but no one else had more responsibility for the goings on of the ships in the Fleet. Ships like the Vesta and her commanding officer, Commodore Minawara. Zavareh was an elder man, but despite his age he had a fire evident in the steely gaze he laid on Minawara as he came in, walking to the table with MacTaryn in tow. He wagged a data PaDD in the air and dropped it on the table. "The report on your last mission," he declared with a low, gruff voice.

MacTaryn paced around the table towards the window, like he was flanking the officer so he couldn't make a break for it. He folded his arms and leaned against the sill, watching the goings on.

"At the moment, you are a flag officer, Commodore. So, I will give you the benefit of explaining this... report... before I offer my opinion," Sepandiyar declared.

If there was any sign that the appearance of the two had off put the Commodore, he didn't show it, his face a mask of calm. A skilled telepath might be able to poke their way into the minds of the man, but he knew neither of these men were, so as far as they would be concerned he was calm and cool. Definitely not the trapped feeling he was actually feeling. "As it says, two weeks ago, the Vesta came across a Federation civilian transport adrift, it's main engines dead in the water. The vessel had been the victim of a cyber-attack, disabling it's main system. We discovered it had been smuggling food and supplies to a former Federation planet, Paenope VI, which had been thought deserted during the Dominion War. Turns out a population was still alive." The delivery of this was calm, cool, and flat as if this was a standard debriefing.

"Security teams and medial personnel were first deployed to the surface, to perform an initial survey and sweep to assess the situation. Once deemed safe, we began working to reestablish relations with the planet to find ways to aid and possibly reintegrate them into the planet. In accordance with Non-Federation Worlds Diplomatic policies, Isabella Cerin, as a representative of the Federation Diplomatic Office, and myself as the ranking Starfleet member were then transported to the planet. For the first day, Starfleet secured the meals, but allowed after that the local government to provide food." He paused again to straighten the cuff of his left sleeve, caught as it was under the brace. "However, myself and Ms. Cerin were drugged, along with two members of the government's body by rogue elements of the population, and subsequently kidnapped. If it weren't for the swift intervention by Force Recon from Camp Falkirk, there is a good chance I would have succumbed to my injuries, and Ms Cerin shortly after due to radiation poisoning." Again, Yoshi turned to node to the General, "For that General, you have my thanks. Further, it should be noted your Marines have been instrumental in the immediate aid of the population there." Looking back to the Admiral, he continued. "Regarding my staff, Doctor Sorenson had been placed restricted duties, and confined to quarters when not performing those duties, and Captain Darrow has been fully debriefed. I have furthermore, requested Captain St. Lacroix and her unit remain attached to the Vesta in the future, should we encounter any further needs." The report might as well have been delivered by a Vulcan, for the matter-of-factness that it presented.

"Let me be sure I understand you correctly, Commodore," the Admiral replied, "Your vessel encountered a vessel of smugglers in distress, and discovered their destination was a former colony," he reconstructed back to Minawara, "A Flag Officer and a Diplomatic Officer, visit an abandoned Federation Colony... without a security detail... are poisoned, injured and captured by members of this colony. As a result of which, Major General MacTaryn, must dispatch an emergency team to rescue you and your Diplomatic Officer," he outlined.

"Marines that weren't good enough for your ship before hand," MacTaryn chimed in. "Funny how that works."

"And to add insult to injury, your Medical Officer refuses to cooperate, forcing the Major General's Marines to risk their lives to extract them. That about the measure of it?" he asked, arms folded as he looked down across the table at Minawara.

"Drugged, but not poisoned," corrected Minawara, more for the record of the room, which was surly recording the conversation. "Otherwise you are correct in that matter. Sir," he added to the end, like a last minute thought. "And while the freighter had been smuggling, until we had an opportunity to investigate the full matter of things, the vessel was not known to be acting as a smuggling vessel, but as a unauthorized relief ship, which under Federation Civil Trade law is legal. Everything up until Doctor Sorenson failed to report back to the Vesta when ordered was, by the books, correct." Which was true, if slightly misleading. A creative interpretation of the rulebook.

"Expecting, not pregnant," MacTaryn chimed in first, with a smirk. "Its semantics."

"Commodore, if it was as 'by the books' as you say, you would not be here now with the two of us," Sepandiyar followed, his gravelly voice firm and as icy as it ever was. He wasn't the jump up and down mad type, he was the ice-cold angry sort. . "You would not have been captured,"

"Unwillingly delayed," MacTaryn cut in again with a smirk.

"Or otherwise found yourselves in the position you're in now. Fortunate to be alive, thanks to the Marine Corps," Sepandiyar continued, gesturing to MacTaryn who folded his arms across his chest as the attention shifted to him. "You risked the lives of yourself, your Diplomatic Officer and the crew in orbit aboard your ship. A top of the line vessel entrusted to you, a flag officer of Starfleet. A vessel that would be a nearly incalculable loss to this sector of space and the tactical readiness of the 9th Fleet were it to be captured or destroyed," he growled emphatically. "This is the kind of behavior I would expect of a Commander, fresh into his first command, full of youthful ideals and ignorance. Not the behavior of a seasoned Starfleet Flag Officer. To say I am disappointed in you would an understatement of elephantine proportions," he declared, growing only slightly in volume as he pushed away from the conference table.

Sepandiyar paced towards the large fish tank that dominated the interior side of the Conference Room and then turned back to face Minawara. "Commodore, I will be filing an official reprimand for your actions on Paenope VI. You needlessly risked the lives of you and your crew. I can only speculate as to your 'interpretation' of 'by the book' that would lead you to this course of action, which in itself gives me concern for your continued leadership," the Admiral declared solemnly. "I am also assigning a full platoon of Marines to the Vesta, whomever Major General MacTaryn feels suited, and let me be clear with you, Commodore," he said, taking a step closer to the table between them, holding a finger out in warning. "If I, or the General, get's one whiff that you're not utilizing or providing a welcoming environment for the Marines, you will have me to answer to," he warned him sharply, letting that hang on the air for a moment.

Major General MacTaryn took the silence as his chance to speak up and announced, "I'll be assigning 2nd Platoon, Juliet Company, out of Camp Falkirk as your official Marine detachment," he declared, "Captain St. LaCroix is the Company Commander, but she'll remain on-board the Vesta," he explained with a smirk. "Providing me with regular reports."

"Indeed," Sepandiyar nodded, "Now for the matter of your Chief Medical Officer," he said, taking a deep breath as much for effect as for the simple calming nature of it. "I'll be blunt, Commodore, I have a lack of confidence in your ability to make the difficult decisions," he began, "I get the impression from this, and the rest of your record that holding others responsible for their actions is outside your strength. Given that, I am giving you forty-eight hours to formulate and lay down a punishment on Doctor Sorenson for his actions on Paenope VI. I expect to see it in his file within that time and I expect the punishment to fit the egregiousness of his error. But let me extraordinarily clear," he said, once more wagging his finger in warning. "If I see nothing in forty-nine hours, you can expect to cost both of you more than a rank grade," he warned forcefully. "Are we clear?"

"As transparent aluminum," replied Yoshi, watching the man move, but otherwise not so much as shift in his own position. Locked in his own statuesque form, inside the Commodore was admittedly seething. The thought of continued Marines was not something he enjoyed in the slightest, as he felt the "Sword of Starfleet" had better things to do than to make their presence so heavily known on a diplomatic and research vessel. "I'll make sure the Marines are given a warm welcome, though it will take time to repurpose the space aboard the Vesta for them. We'll make it happen. I'll take some time with the Captain, and see that she is given access to whatever she needs." He purposefully left the comment about Martin off the end and let his own thoughts dwell there while he thought it through. His own command he could deal with being challenged, he was an Engineer first and a Commanding Officer second. His Chief Doctor? That was another manner. The mask cracked slightly, and Yoshi squinted slightly.

"If there is nothing else sirs, I believe I have wasted enough of your time," he said, his own tone cooling slightly, before he corrected it. "And I have some consideration to do in the next forty-eight hours to ensure I am handling the situation correctly."

The Admiral nodded, "No, there is nothing else. You're dismissed, Commodore."

Yoshi Minawara
Commanding Officer
USS Vesta

Zavareh Sepandiyar
Commanding Officer
USS Alexander

Iain MacTaryn
Commanding General
2nd Marines
Camp Falkirk


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