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Medical Mob

Posted on 27 Jun 2020 @ 4:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Hamish Pembroke (*)
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Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: Deck Ten - Sick Bay
Timeline: MD02 - 0800HRS
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.: Sick Bay - USS Alexander :.

Hamish stood silently in the turbo lift as it wound through the ship, first down and then forward from the crew lounge at the after top level of the ship where he’d gone for a bite of breakfast. Part of him didn’t want to go back to Solar Flairs after the indignity of the previous nights activities, when Lieutenant Commander Aker had poured an entire pitcher of beer on his head. But, if he was honest with himself, it was hardly the first time a woman had voiced her displeasure with him so obviously. It wasn’t even the first time he’d had a beer poured on him, though he hated it every time. It left an awful sticky mess. He surreptitiously brushed the side of his head making sure he’d gotten it all in the sonic shower.

The lift drew to a halt and the computer announced ‘Deck Ten’. Hamish stepped out and made his way down the corridor, once more rubbing the side of his head and smirking, wondering if his chances with Aker were completely dashed or if she was just playing hard to get. He was just letting that put a slight smile on his lips when he rounded the corridor towards Sick Bay and saw a crowd of people in the corridor and in the doorway leading in. They were all in Science blues and seemed perfectly fine to chatter with one another. As he passed the first one on his way into Sick Bay he saw the Cadet rank on their collars and groaned internally.

“What the bloody hell is this?” Hamish asked as he walked in, looking to Nurse Baris. The Bajoran woman was his Chief Nurse, and a damned good one at that. He didn’t have an abundance of Doctor’s on staff (just one another actually) and so between the two of them they manage the entirety of Sick Bay. Hamish wasn’t overly communicative of the fact, but he knew that he couldn’t have been able to do his job without her. She looked flustered beyond the measure of the word but at the sight of Doctor Pembroke heaved a profound sigh.

“Thank the prophets,” she sighed, coming towards him quickly with several data PaDD’s in hand. “Doctor, the Academy Cadets are here, as is a batch of new residents and crew transfers in,” she explained, handing him the PaDD’s on at a time. “I also have four transfer requests of Cadets wanting to go to the Theseus and two wanting to come back from,” she added, offering the other PaDD’s.

“And today’s patient list?” Hamish asked, his mood worsening the longer he stared at the PaDD’s in his hands and listened to the low rumble of chatter in his normally silent Sick Bay.

Baris shook her head, “One of the new Physician’s took the duty rounds and is working them right now,” she replied. He’d been very helpful when he’d arrived well before everyone else and as the first mob of cadets started to arrived, he offered to take some of the pressure off her and make the morning rounds. He’d been so charming she’d not even considered telling him no.

“What?!” Hamish pushed back, “You let some greenhorn fresh from residency make the rounds on the Sick Bay?”

“No,” she shook her head, “He isn’t fresh off his residency. He did take one of the Cadets with him though,” she explained, “He’s listed on the transfer in PaDD I’m sure,” she added, waving to what was in his hands. “To be honest, I’ve had my hands full. Too much to argue with a Commander saying he’ll take the rounds.”

“A Commander?” Hamish asked, his temper rising quickly.

“Excuse me, Chief, but when will the CMO be arriving?” A Lieutenant asked. She was a short-haired, short human female with dark brown hair and an overabundance of freckles that gave her a youthful look even that didn’t match up with the firm nature of her voice in making such a simple query.

Baris gestured to Hamish, “This is our CMO, Doctor Pembroke,”
“Oh,” the woman nodded, “I’m Doctor Tavish, obviously you’ve got your hands full, Doctor. Perhaps I can help,” she smiled.

“I can deal with the transfers,” Baris offered Hamish, “It’s the Cadets that are going to be the most difficult part. There’s so damn many of them.”

Hamish was building a head of steam and knew he was about to blow his top. Cadets. Residents. Transfers. Only one of which he knew anything bout and all of them thrust on him the exact same day. He was already seeing red and he hadn’t opened his mouth, knowing that nothing fruitful was going to come out of it. All he could think about at the moment was the hole he was going to chew in Captain Drake for allowing this farce in the first place. And that didn’t even begin to touch whoever the hell was doing his rounds this morning. There was already a Commander in this Sick Bay. Him. The didn’t need another. Unless… the thought hit him like a ton of bricks and threw a load of coal onto the already roaring fire that was his temper.

The Commander was here to replace him. Drake had betrayed him.

Hamish knew he wasn’t the most popular person in the senior staff, but there was no doubt he was the most accomplished Physician in the quadrant at the very least. He liked to believe he was the best in Starfleet, and while that was probably true of his surgical prowess, in general practice he was satisfied to at least lead the quadrant. But that hadn’t been without its ups and downs from a command perspective. He didn’t get along well with others, especially those who lived and breathed by the rank aspects of Starfleet. He was a Doctor, and while technically part of the leadership structure as a CMO, his position put him in a unique position. One that suited his sensibilities.

For the last two years, Hamish had been the Chief Medical Officer, but that had not been what his assignment was. He’d been sent here as a Surgeon, the thing he was best at, but Commander Watts (the assigned CMO) hadn’t been able to make it by the time Alexander needed to warp out so he’d taken on the role for the interim. As further distance required, he maintained the role and ultimately Commander Watts was reassigned leaving Hamish in the job somewhat permanently. He liked to tell himself it was a temporary spot, but as he considered that this new Doctor was here to replace him and take the role, he was suddenly angry and jealous. This was his job. No one was going to take it from him.

Pembroke was now practically vibrating with anger. He turned away from the others, walking to a dark-haired Cadet flirting playfully with the Cadet next to him. At the sight of Pembroke approaching he perked up, adjusting his glasses but before he could say a word Hamish was dumping the data PaDD’s in his hands. They nearly toppled out and the Cadet he’d been flirting with grabbed the ones that nearly fell off.

“Alpha shift. Both of you,” Hamish growled. He rummaged the pile of PaDD’s, putting the ones he’d already ready in the woman’s hands until he found what he was looking for. He consulted the PaDD for a moment and then gave it to Tavish. “Three-three cadets. Ten transfer to Theseus, Doctor Corduke's aware of their arrival. Sort the rest out, then put them in shifts. Send the non-Alpha shift Cadets back to quarters,” he ordered.

“Aye, Doctor. I’ll take care of it,” Watts nodded, starting to peruse the list herself.

Hamish turned back to the two he had picked. “You two, find a friend for your group of three,” he ordered, rummaging through the stack again for the residents list. The female Cadet pulled a nearby female Bolian Cadet to join their group and the three of them stood there expectantly. “I want the residents on double shifts,” he ordered Baris, giving her that PaDD. “I want them one shift solo, one shift with the Cadets,” he added. “Send complaints to airlock four,” he added tartly.

“Yes, Doctor,” Baris smirked.

“I’ll sort the transfers in,” Hamish said finally finding that data PaDD and taking it for himself.
“Right then, we have our orders. Get to it,” he said, taking his list of Doctor’s and heading for the door. He didn’t cast a single glance back at Baris, Watts or the mob of Cadets and Residents trying to get their tenure on this ship started. He just marched resolutely towards the lift and jammed the terminal on the wall forcefully to call it to him. When he stepped inside he all but roared, “Deck One!”. He was going to have a few words with Captain Drake about this farce, and about how he was going to fix it.


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