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Frontier Medicine

Posted on 28 Jun 2020 @ 8:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Alwyn Llwyd (*)

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: Federation Medical Corps Aid Station - Yuil XI
Timeline: 6 Months Previous
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.: Yuil XI - Federation Medical Corps - Aid Camp - 6 Months Ago :.

The sandstorm was blowing hard across the surface. It stung his face and hands despite the coverings he had in place as he trudged quickly through the camp and out buildings towards the main administrators tent at the far end, tucked into the relative shelter of a cliff facing. For the most part the cliff kept that tend from the majority of the sandstorms but when it came in from the East as it was now, it didn’t help at all.

The entire planet was one big dustbowl, dotted with low mountains, deep canyons and covered in sand. They said that the planet was once a lush, ocean world, some millennia ago but for as far as Federation records showed the planet had always been a wasteland. Two decades ago the Federation had attempted to colonize the planet and begin the terraforming process, but for some unspecified reason they’d abandoned the attempt. The majority of the scientists and engineers had left he planet but a few dozen families had remained; either too stubborn to leave or with nowhere else to go. They’d been suffering here ever since, trying to eek out an existence on this dustbowl.

Aside from the Colonists, the only other people on the planet was a small archaeological survey team from the Daystrom Institute. But almost immediately after landing, they’d been set upon by the colonists in need of food, supplies and medical care. That’s how he’d ended up there. He was a part of the Federation Medical Corps, an organization who’s primary mission was to bring health care to those either forgotten by or on the outskirts of the Federation. They operated in places that others didn’t, and didn’t care about allegiances to species, governments or ideals other than the ideal that everyone deserved to life their live free of medical illness.

He hunched his shoulders and ducked his head as a gust of wind blasted through the already blustery sand storm and made it the last dozen steps to the administrators tent and pulled the door open against the gale. Wind and sand blasted through the opening as he went through and pulled it closed behind him with some effort. He dusted himself off, pulled the wrap from around his face and put his goggles up on his head, wiping his face with his hand before stepping further into the tent.

Doctor Alwyn Llwyd was a dark-haired man in his early fifties, thankfully not turning gray despite being well into the ages where others his age were. He was slight in figure, but tall, possibly owing to a pretty lean diet considering that he’d spent most of his life with the FMC in backwaters like this were simple luxuries like food were shared sparingly. The staff of the camp ate no more than the populace they were serving, and in many cases, less.

The inside of the tent was filled with various testing equipment and three industrial replicators. At the far end of the tent, standing before a large holo projection, was Doctor Vivian al Havash, the Doctor in charge of this particular FMC site and also one of the leading administrators of the organization in general. She was a short, silver-haired woman in her late seventies whose fiery personality wasn’t at all tempered by her age. She was every bit the firecracker Alwyn remembered when he’d first met her twenty-five years previous.

“I understand what you’re saying Volik, but when will it be here?” She asked the Vulcan he could see on the other end of the holo screen.

“I have acquired space on a Federation transport on its way to pick up some members of the archaeological crew,” Volik answered, “It’s not the entire shipment, but it should be enough to sustain you for the next few weeks, until the Hope can arrive.”

Doctor Volik was the executive administrator of the FMC; the one responsible for maintaining the multitude of camps and the resources required to keep them functional. He did so based on his own ship, the Hope, a decommissioned Olympic-class vessel that Starfleet had gifted to the FMC. Generally the two organizations didn’t get along as the latter accused the former of regularly abandoning its responsibilities to the colonies and peoples left in its wake, but the former didn’t see it that way. As an olive branch, they’d gifted the vessel slated for decommission and offered its services in keeping it fully functional.

“That’s good news,” Vivian nodded, “Thank you, Volik.”

“How long do you intend to remain on Yuil?” He asked, “I would prefer you were ready to depart by the time we arrived. We have enough supplies on board to provide for the colony for the next few years. I can put them on our rotation in the future, so they’re not forgotten.”

Vivian sighed, “I don’t know… the situation here is… poor. These people need constant medical attention. It would be best if they simply left; spent some time at a Federation Starbase, recuperated and then found a more suitable home. But they refuse to leave.”

“Our mission is to help those in need, Doctor al Havash. It is up to those people to help themselves,” Volik explained.

“I understand,” she nodded, glancing over the see Alwyn waiting patiently. He just gave her a smile back. “I’ll see if I can work on their leader a little more. For now, I have company,” she said, gesturing to Llywd.

“If I might, Doctor,” Alwyn chimed in, “I’d like a word with both of you,” he declared.

Vivian stood upright, her eyebrows up in surprise. “As you wish,” Volik nodded.

Alwyn walked closer to the holo so that Volik could see him properly, “Sorry to interrupt,” he smiled brightly, “I’m afraid I have some news you may not want to hear,” he began by way of explanation.

“Tell me it doesn’t have anything to do with the vaccine you synthesized?” Vivian asked quickly.

He shook his head, “No, it’s perfectly stable,” he smiled, “And I’ve synthesized enough to inoculate the population four times over,” he added with a chuckle, “They’ll have plenty to go around.”

“Well done, Doctor,” Volik declared proudly.

“Thank you,” Alwyn smiled back. “But, to get to the point Doctor’s…” he sighed, “I’m leaving the Medical Corps,” he declared simply, bracing for the reaction he knew was coming.

Volik’s face fell and Vivian growled with frustration, “God dammit, Alwyn, you’re the best pharmacologist in the Corps. We can’t afford to lose you!”

“Doctor zh’Raa is a very qualified pharmacologist as well. I’d trust any patient of mine to him any day.”

“But he lacks the experience you have, Doctor Llwyd. You’ve been practicing Medicine decades longer than he has. Your experience is invaluable. We need you,” Volik begged only the way a Vulcan could.

Alwyn gave them both a pained smile.

“Ah,” Vivian said suddenly with a sarcastic laugh, “It’s that young woman at the archaeology site isn’t it?” She asked, “Miss Riley? You’ve let her convince you to follow her to whatever the next dig is, haven’t you?” She shook her head, “Alwyn, she’s half your age. Surely you can see she’s just… that you’re just a passing fancy?”

He looked down, shaking his head in disagreement, “I don’t believe that’s the case, Vivian,” he said quietly, “and to be honest, I’ve never found myself in a position to want to have a family until now. Something I’ve given up to work here. I’ve always told myself that by giving up my chance at a family I was giving these people the chance to save theirs. I can’t pass that up now.”

Vivian looked like she wanted to say something in reply, but ultimately she had convinced herself the very same. Volik, as a Vulcan, lived a considerably longer time and so had walked a different path before coming to the FMC.

“Where will you go?” Vivian asked.

Llwyd shifted uncomfortably, “Jeanette’s on leave from Starfleet… so I submitted an application for admission and was accepted into their Medical branch, pending an indoctrination course,” he replied, gesturing to the terminal. “A passing Starfleet vessel will be here in two days to pick us up.”

“Do you know the name of this vessel?” Volik asked, “I will not say I am happy to see you leave, Doctor Llwyd, you are as I said, invaluable here. However, a passing Starfleet vessel could provide supplies that are desperately needed both for the camp and for the colony.”

“The USS Exeter,” he replied knowingly.

Volik perked up, “I know Captain Xoldun, he’s sympathetic. One of the few.”

“How is that possible?” Vivian asked with a shake of her head.

“He is Reman, one of the few in Starfleet, and so has a soft-spot in his heart for refugees and lost causes,” Volik offered with what passed for a Vulcan smile. “I will contact him immediately. Perhaps this can be used to our advantage,” he declared proudly, “Please do not take offsence, Doctor Llwyd.”

“Course not. If me leaving can also be used to help the Corps, I’m all for it,” Alwyn replied, “I’m sorry to leave you guys one short… but I have to do this. I have to at least try.

“I understand,” Volik answered, “Perhaps I take for granted the longevity of Vulcan’s compared to Humans and what it allows one to accomplish. If this is your wish, Doctor Llwyd, we support you and will happily welcome you back should you wish to return in the future.”

“Yeah,” Vivian replied, folding her arms over her chest, “I still think she’s working you… but… I can’t fault you for wanting to try.”

Alwyn grinned, “This has been my life for twenty-five years. I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss working with you. Both of you. I just hope someday we’ll run into each other again. Perhaps, wherever they send me, will cross your path.”

“I have to admit, having a sympathetic ear in Starfleet may not be a bad thing. Especially one as experienced as you. I doubt Starfleet will relegate you to the bottom of the Doctor’s pool.”

“Yeah, they were… pretty excited to talk to me once I had my application in,” Alwyn smirked.

“I bet,” Vivian chimed in, still frowning with her arms crossed over her chest. “So I have you for two more days?”

Alwyn nodded, “Two days.”

She sighed, “Then let’s get started. I have twenty-five years of information to get from you in two days,” she declared, “And I expect your undivided attention,” she added, wagging a finger at him.

“You’ll have it,” Alwyn laughed, “And you know I’ll reach out to you as soon as I’ve landed somewhere in the Fleet.”

“I most certainly hope you will,” Volik said with a nod of his head, “Until then, my friend,” he said, holding his hand in a Vulcan salute. “Live long, and prosper.”

Alwyn returned the gesture, “It’s been a privilege, Doctor Volik.”

The Vulcan gave a final nod, and terminated the transmission, leaving Alwyn alone with Vivian, still glaring at him in disappointment. “One day… this pretty young woman of yours… will be tired of her little adventure. And on that day, I will happily tell you ‘I told you so’,” she smiled cruelly, “But for now… let’s go over everything you’ve done here since we arrived. Spare no detail.”

“Right,” he replied, ignoring the comment. He would have been lying if he hadn’t considered the same thing himself. It didn’t make much sense that Jeanette was with him; the age gap between them was significant. But he couldn’t deny how she made him feel, a feeling she shared. Everyone else seemed to think differently, but he refused. He was in love, and for the first time in his life he wanted to settled into something normal, something stable, and have a family of his own. He’d saved enough people in need over his career with the FMC, surely he was allowed something for himself? He smiled at Vivian. “Well, let’s start with the vaccinations…”

Alwyn Llwyd
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Alexander

Vivian al Havash
Station Director
FMC Aid Station - Yuil XI

Executive Director
Federation Medical Corps


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