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A Show of Integrity

Posted on 30 Jun 2020 @ 5:22pm by Captain Edward Drake
Edited on on 30 Jun 2020 @ 11:10pm

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: USS Alexander
Timeline: Following "Brass Pillars"
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Yoshi had come out of the observation lounge quiet and composed, but as soon as the door closed behind him, he took a deep breath and his anger was written across his face as though it were permanent marker. Much to his annoyance, he found himself looking across the hall at Edward Drake, and the pair had a moment where they exchanged looks. Yoshi's face turned further sour by the appearance of his colleague, someone he had gotten to know following the Dominion War better as their paths had crossed a few times. Edward's face, for all it was worth was soft and understanding. "Come now Yoshi," he said and gestured down the hallway, "I feel you could use someone to talk to."

"I'm fine, Captain," came the reply, cool and even, as he turned to walk in the direction of the turbo lift, but Edward was close behind.

"Sepandiyar and MacTayrn in a single room? Doesn't take a tactical genius to see through that lie," said the older man, who caught up and walked beside the Commodore. "I have a distinct feeling I know how that talk went," he carried on, his gait relaxed though keeping time with Yoshi's own hurried pace. "The whole Federation is talking about the lost colony and the wild terrorists that occupied it. Evil vile men and women who were willing to kill for a chance to get weapons and enact their revenge. Or perhaps they are the lost and scared citizens, abandoned by the Federation forced to deal with a smuggler who was unwilling to be a decent human being. They were desperate and made a mistake, taking hostages in a misguided attempt at control." Yoshi cast a disapproving and dirty look. "Yoshi, you are the talk of every news agency across the quadrant. Did you really expect the Admiral not to get involved?"

"I expected him to get involved Edward, I did not expect him to demand I punish a man who was following his Oath to protect," came the response, seeping with venom. The pair stopped at the turbolift and wanted for it to arrive, allowing a silence to fall between them as they did. The doors hissed open, and the Commodore called for the transporter room. Dutifully, the computer informed him which deck they would be headed to, which only seemed to sour his mood more. "You want to make me feel better? Tell your boss to shove his formal punishment deep and far," he said. Edward, to his credit laughed.

"There is the spiteful Engineer I knew so well," he said with a chuckle. "Now you know I won't do that, but I need you to consider his side. He's a Fleet Admiral, sure, but the President is his boss. And if I were him right now, I would be furious. Regardless of how you cut it, the Vesta discovering this lost colony is the worst possible thing to happen. There are tons of people who are claiming the Federation has abandoned people, and you just gave them proof. Two decades of propaganda that 'The Federation is always there for its people' just evaporated in a single day." Hitting the button in the lift, it came to a stop, and Yoshi cast a glowering look at the taller man. "Yoshi, you pulled the burning wreckage of the Vesta back to Earth, rebuilt it, hopped across time, and all the while you have taken everything in stride. The Admiral isn't an idiot, this is the best punishment he can give, because this way it looks like the Fleet is doing something. Neither of you have been stripped of rank, and you keep commanding the vessel." He paused and looked almost fatherly at the younger man, and the pair had a moment to sit and consider each other. "If he wanted to really make this a big deal, he'd have tossed you in a brig, had them strip you of rank, and personally ordered you to scrub your name off the plaque they hung when we thought you were dead."

Taking a breath, Yoshi considered the words, before releasing the tension from his shoulders. The silence between the pair hung for a long time, and the lift beeped at them, almost as though the ship were trying to break the tension. "You are right, as always Edward," he finally said. Pressing the button, the lift resumed. "But you know as well as I, this Command stuff is not my strong suit. What would you do?" Truthfully he had no idea how to reprimand a man he genuinely believed did nothing wrong. "I'm not going to throw him in the brig, or strip him of rank. Nor am I in a spot to demote him from his position as my second officer. So, if I am going to make a show, what is your recommendation?"

"Simple," replied the Captain with a smile, as the doors opened. "Make that show. Strip something from him that is, otherwise, not particularly important to his current position, but looks bit. He recently applied for his Command Training, correct? Well then, I would start there. Suspend his training, or better, make him start the course from scratch. In the grand scheme of things, the Doctor is unaffected, but you can say that the matter at hand is a training opportunity, that clearly he hadn't learned his lesson." The pair walked out, and it was clear that Yoshi was sitting and thinking over the words. As they arrived at the entrance to the transporter, the Commodore turned to the Captain and sized him up for a moment.

"You think so?" he finally asked. Edward nodded in affirmation and Yoshi frowned. "I'll give it some thought then," he finally said, and extended a hand to the other man. Edward took it, and smiled.

"Now, go before whatever arbitrary timeline the Admiral gave you dries up," he said and turned and walked off, leaving Minawara to stand and watch. He needed to talk to his wife first.

Yoshi Minawara
Commanding Officer
USS Vesta

Edward Drake
Executive Officer
USS Alexander


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