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Emergency Drills

Posted on 14 Aug 2020 @ 7:46pm by Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar & Lieutenant Commander Alwyn Llwyd (*) & Lieutenant JG Naomi St. John & Captain Edward Drake & Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake & Lieutenant Commander Hadir Prenar

Mission: Season 1 - Into the Deep
Location: Various
Timeline: MD3 - 0914HRS
3651 words - 7.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Hadir thought it best to start his drills with something he and Colonel Drake had discussed. So the Cardassian thought a simulated boarding would work. For this drill to succeed he borrowed some of the Marines to act as boarders.

The ship was at warp and all seemed quiet until Hadir's console chimed right on schedule. He put on his best concerned face. "Sir, I am reading intruders on decks 5, 11, 13, and 1. Security teams are en route."

Placing his PaDD down, Edward spun in the central chair to face the tactical console. Standing up, the man's face creased into curiosity and concern. "Intruders? We just departed starbase Lieutant Commander, what do you mean intruders?" Agitation was clear on the Captain's face as he paced to the middle of the bridge. "Lock down those sections with emergency forcefields." This felt like a drill, but Edward had served in the Dominion War and knew better than to play down a drill, it might not be. "Computer, lock down the bridge, seal all access and apply a level four dampening field." That would remove the chance of someone to beam in, even with access to the ship directly, the bridge had it's own secured systems and locked out with bridge controls.

"Most of those affected decks contain tactical information, if they're trying to affect those systems we could be in for a ride," he added, crossing the bridge to the weapons locker and grabbed a phaser for himself, setting it to stun. "Charge phasers and vent atmosphere from the forward launchers, if they're going to target those system they're going to be in for a bad day," he said. "And while we're at it, cycle primary armory access, manually allow access from here."

"Captain, should I take us out of warp?" Lieutenant Junior Grade St. John asked from the conn, looking back to the Captain nervously. She'd not seen anything on their sensors and she certainly hadn't noticed any subtle changes in their course since they'd set out from SB-99 the day before so she was as confused as anyone as to what was going on. Was this what life aboard the Admiral's flagship was like?

"No Lieutenant, you're going to adjust our heading by nine degrees to port, and two degrees to keel," he said calmly, pacing back to the centre of the room. "Increase speed to warp nine." He walked forward to the helm and keyed a few commands into the the console. "Computer," he said as he worked over the woman's shoulder, "lock all external helm controls to the bridge, and route primary engineering controls to deck thirty-eight, section four, authorization Drake Six-One-Niner-Tango, and lock out to only Command staff." In a minute he was sure he'd have a very angry chief engineer, but if this was boarding action, it meant having to go deck by deck and figure out where engineering control was suddenly located.

"Lieutenant, you'll find the computer is going to feed you a series of course corrections, follow them to the best of your ability," he said pacing back to the middle of the bridge again and standing there. The computer was pulling from the quantum number generator located at Jupitor Station that would feed strings of binary back to the ship, which would be interpreted by a program he'd developed to turn it into course corrections. During the Dominion War he'd used it to outrun Jem'Hadar raiders, and the added bonus of human error made it even more unpredictable. People didn't board ships with the intent of just causing damage, they usually planned to have a meeting point where they would have the vessel drop out of warp, hence helm and engineering control being locked into places. "Commander Prenar, please send a security team to deck thirty-seven, access junction four."

"Aye, Captain. Following the course corrections," St. John replied, feeling that flutter in her stomach again. This was supposed to be a simple task - take the ship to warp and get to Catus XI where hopefully, hopefully they would be picking up an actual ranking flight control officer. Part of her was worried that might not happen, and that she'd be stuck here indefinitely. All because she'd slapped the Admiral's hand away and kept their shuttle from crashing.

"Aye sir. Team en route." Hadir replied to the Captain's order. He was proud to see that his people were responding to the problem with haste. It was a triumph to see these men work and a small amount of pride welled up within the Cardassian. Drake's Marines pulled no punches and Hadir watched as a stalemate seemed to be on the horizon. "Countermeasures are working according to plan. We should have everything under..." Hadir's voice trailed off as his console erupted in a new set of sounds.

There was a calm for a moment as the bridge responded to the threat that had suddenly been introduced to the flagship of Obsidian Fleet. An orderly, focused calm, one of controlled chaos. It took only a moment for the controlled chaos to become uncontrolled as the intruder alarm went off again.

"Intruder alert, Intruder alert. Intruders detected on Deck 23, Deck 32, Deck 10, Deck 4 and Deck 39."

At the Operations console, Lieutenant Darcka swore, "Captain, I dont know how they're getting on board." His computer console beeped aggressively at him again as systems started to go offline, "Captain... I'm loosing remote control of some of the local systems where the boarders are including forcefield controls!"

Hadir felt a lump in the pit of his stomach. It seemed Drake went off script. We will show him how Cardassians rise to the occasion. He thought. His hands danced over the controls as Hadir employed a reflexive algorithm lockout to save the systems from Marine hands. Ironically it was the and algorithm employed by the Order. "Lieutenant Dracka I believe you should have full control of the systems now. Security teams are en route to the new decks. I believe that we may have had stow aways." He addressed the Captain for latter part of the statement.

Edward smiled, he recognized the look on Hadir's face, he'd seen it on many a tactical officer recruit who was watching a plan fall apart. "This is a drill," he thought to himself, but seeing the Cardassian sink, it meant the OPFOR wasn't the Security teams, but the Marines aboard. "I think you'll find we think we have control of Force Fields back," replied the Captain. Communications, Engineering, Sickbay, and main fusion control. Aaron was a quick study of the ship, that was for sure. "Those are likely data spikes, if we lost control that quickly, that are rerouting command controls. You'll find in quick order that what the computer tells us is happening and what is actually happening are entirely different. Duck," he said, pointing his phaser at the primary entrance to the bridge and hitting the control with a short burst of the weapon. Not enough to damage the system permanently, but enough to knock out power for now.

Some of those targets the Marines were focusing on were fakes. Engineering was likely real, it made the most sense, but between Communications and Sick Bay he couldn't be one hundred percent sure which was the fake. Fusion control was another possible feint, but it was suspicious that the younger Drake would send units to the deck below where he had sent the engineering control. "Contact the Chief, tell his men to be armed and ready, and someone let Doctor Pembroke know he is likely to have guests with weapons. Focus your attention on Main Engineering and the Fusion Core, and take the Communications array offline, scramble it's access codes." That would prevent the Marines from calling for outside help. "Someone contact Captain Rssnai, tell him to arm his men defensively, same goes for the other Fighter Commanders."

"Sick Bay to Bridge," Doctor Pembroke's voice came to life. "Please tell me that this is a drill,"

"I cannot tell you that for certain Doctor," replied Edward as he waved a hand through the air and brought up the schematics for the ship, overlaying the possible intruders. "If it is, it is not mine," he added as he pulled a few more controls up into the air to better control the situation.

"Understood," Pembroke replied, "Please inform me the moment you know for certain if this is a drill. I would hate to inflict the Tarkonian Measles to innocent crewmen," he explained, "The explosive gastrointestinal episodes are not to be underestimated."

Hadir could see that the Captain had the right of it. There was a moment that Hadir saw that Marines had gone off script. You sly dog... he thought of the Marine CO. "Sir I now have teams outside Main Engineering they are engaging the enemy..." Moments later he received word from Bravo Team outside engineering. "We have neutralized that threat. Bravo Team is escorting four prisoners to the Brig." Hadir knew that this was far from over, but he was happy to have the win.

Looking at the blips that represented internal sensors registering the possible contacts. True they were now under guard of friendlies, but , he shook his head. "Don't be so sure, Commander," he added while watching a few other notices pop up. "Ops, are you seeing that sensor echo as well?" He asked, moving to face the younger Andorian at that station.

"I am Captain," Lieutenant Ch'chirirh called out as he keyed a few commands. "It appears to be a medium sized shuttle hiding on top of the dorsal hull section," he added a moment later.

"Appears to be?" Asked the Captain, looking back at Prenar. "Appears to be isn't good enough, clear the image up." If the Marines, no, boarders, had used a ship to try and dock to the ship it would make sense they are trying to be hide the ship's signature. But that would mean they only had one way off the ship. "There is an old trick, and I bet we could use it it there is a ship docked there." He spun on his heels. "Mr. Prenar, did you take time to study Earth history, specifically the NX-class of ship?" He didn't wait for a response but turned back to his display. "They didn't have shields, but instead had to polarize the hull. It wasn't as effective, but it worked for the time. If we polarized our hull, we could likely dislodge the ship in question, it's probably using a magnetic seal to keep it in place. Think you can make that happen?"

"Yes Sir! I can have that done in a few moments." Hadir replied with a smile. He began to program the Alexander's shield emitters to polarize the hull. He did indeed know of the NX ships and remembered the frequencies used. The benefits of the Cardassian eidetic memory. Hadir was full of mixed emotions about how this was playing out. I should have known they would plan something to test me. He chastised himself. "Ready to polarize on your mark sir." Hadir said as he hovered his hands over the controls.

"Captain Drake, sensors are picking up the de Grasse on our starboard, closing in very close," Lieutenant St. John called out from the CoNN.

The ship rocked, and Edward almost snarled. "Fuck," he said under his breath, a moment of composure lost. The de Grasse of course thought it was a real fight. Ship docked to the hull, no communications, random course changes. "Lieutenant, stabilize course and speed," The polarized hull had likely limited any critical damage, but nothing like the shields would. "Drop us from warp," he added, pacing to push the comms on the Admirals chair but only got a dull tone back. Internal communications were down, and a second later the lights snapped out, and then emergency lighting came on. Standing dead centre of the bridge, turning slowly back to Prenar, Drake stopped and stared. From his feet, pulsing red lights illuminated his frame, leaving most of his body in shadows, but only the reflection of his hazel eyes in the darkness staring back at the man. "It appears you teams failed to secure entry to the main controls of the fusion reactor." The words carried an even tone across the near silence of the bridge. "That means even if we could reboot the comms array, the enemy controls it, and one of our own ships thinks we're being boarded."

Hadir polarized the hull in an effort to buck the ship from the Alexander. There was no response from the ship. That should have gotten the ship off. What the hell... Hadir thought as he noticed the friendly dropping from warp.

The sound of boots against the deck plating as Edward crossed to the space near the tactical console, his voice barely over a whisper, yet circulating the room. "Your simulation is over."

Hadir looked at the XO expressionless. He could not believe how woefully bad his people performed.

.: Admiral's Ready Room :.

Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Drake chuckled to himself a bit as the second wave of 'boarders' appeared in areas of the ship. The Chief of Secuirty, Mr. Prenar had wanted to lay on the excercise fast from what the officers had told him but had planned it from a limited scope. Something about plans never surviving contact with the enemy, Aaron had come up with an idea himself to throw a wrench into the Commander's plans and give him some practice as well. Feints here and there, multiple additional teams beyond what he had asked for.

"Well Admiral, He's certainly eager since he put this all together so fast, but lets see how he takes the wrench." Aaron said as he watched the dots appear in the display of the Alexander in the holotank.

"If I know Edward, he's not even begun to create issues," Zavareh answered, adjusting his glasses on his face. He approached the controls for the holo table in his Ready Room that he and Drake were reviewing and began working at it carefully. "I am creating a sensor echo on the dorsal section, above the deflector. It should be interpreted as an enemy vessel docked and trying to mask its signature," he explained, glancing up at Drake.

Aaron smiled as he watched the ghost image that was now representing the sensor echo appear just below the ships massive saucer section. "Well either way Admiral, we threw enough wrenches into the plans. I believe any minute now the fusion generator should 'go offline', taking some of the secondary systems offline. The plan after that was for the initial squads to regroup on deck 11 then move down slowly, freeing any 'captured' friendlies before taking engineering. I doubt we'll get to that point though. Once the fusion generator goes offline I feel like the point will be proven and we can end it."

"I would ag-," Sepandiyar started, looking up to Drake and his words falling flat.

There to the starboard side of the ship, looming closer and closer in the viewport was the sleek form of the USS de Grasse edged ever closer, rotating slightly on her center axis to port so that her saucer sections was directed at theirs. Zavareh took his glasses off in disbelief and watched as the smaller craft's phaser stripe illuminated and then struck the ship right where he'd created the sensor echo. "Colonel, end the simul-." he started to speak again, cut off for a second time.

There was a hum of particles in the room and before either of them could register what was happening, three figures in yellow Starfleet uniforms had appeared in the ready room, two pointing their phasers at Drake while the third put his hand on the Admiral's shoulder. Zavareh didn't even get a chance to speak in protest before he was consumed by a transporter beam. Frozen, with his mouth slightly open about to say something. When the beam resolved, he was on the bridge of the de Grasse looking at Captain Parnell. To his left, Lieutenant Commander Østergaard, the ship's Chief Tactical Officer released his shoulder and quickly returned to his station.

"Admiral," Parnell said, standing up. "We picked up the weapons fire, and the ship attached to your hull. I have no idea how it got there, but it's proving impervious to our weapons. Whoever they are, letting you fall into their hands was not an option," she declared proudly. "What are your orders, sir?"

Zavareh sighed, but gave a smirk. "It's a sensor echo, Captain," he replied, folding up his glasses and stowing them in his pocket. "This is all a drill, Captain. Apparently a very convincing one."

Parnell stood up in surprise and looked back over her shoulder at Østergaard who had a crooked smirk of his own on his face, "I won't be able to isolate all of the security teams, Captain. They're on their own until the drill is concluded." he explained in his slow, soft-spoken manner.

"Then they are on their own. Let's hope Colonel Drake ends this drill as soon as possible," Zavareh said, gesturing for Parnell to sit down. Her XO attempted to move to give him the aux station but he waved her off, instead turning to stand off to the side and look at the readings on the main glass.

Meanwhile, back on the Alexander, Aaron swore as he waved a hand towards the two newly materialized security officers. "Put those things away before you hurt someone." Moving to the holotable, there was a surge before the lights cut out as the team designated to take out the fusion reactor had apparently succeeded. With it the holotable flashed and died, taking its controls with it.

Swearing once more, Aaron pushed past the now confused security officers making his way to the bridge door which unfortunately didn't respond to his approach. He turned and looked at the pair, "Get those doors open," he ordered as he stepped back and pulled his comm piece from the pocket of his jacket. Slotting it into his ear, he opened one of the secure channels used by his battalion powered seperately from one of the command vehicles in the ships shuttlebay to isolate them from the ships own internal communications. "Thunder Actual to all Thunder units. End Ex. Repeat End Ex. Stand down and return to staging point for debrief," he waited to hear confirmations before turning to see that the door to the bridge was open just enough to squeeze through.

"Move," he ordered as he again pushed past the security officers and pushed his way through the gap and onto the bridge.

"Captain, all OpFor have been given the End Ex order and will be returning to their staging points. Order has been confirmed. It seems we had a few hiccups appear during execution." Aaron stated rather diplomatically with a nod towards the Captain and the Security officer infront of him, not entire oblivious to the rather cold look on the humans face.

Turning to face the Colonel, Edward's face remained a mask of annoyance. "Since you have functional communications Mr. Drake, have your teams give me reactor access back so we can have internal communications." He paced back to the centre of the bridge, facing towards the main viewer. "You and Lieutenant Commander Prenar have 30 minutes to get this ship back under control, functional, and us back at warp."

Hadir looked to the Captain, grim faced. "Aye, sir." After following this order Hadir would submit himself for reprimand. This drill was disastrous and he felt he did not perform up to the status that this ship deserved; that the Admiral deserved.

Standing by the Admiral's Ready Room door, the two security officer that Østergaard had left behind were drawn into the action by the soft chirp of one of their cummbadges, "Østergaard to Victo, the Admiral has informed us that this is a drill. Is it safe for him to return?" the Dane's soft spoken voice requested.

Victo, the dark-haired security officer of the two, tapped his bad, looking to Drake who's attention had turned his way. "Aye, sir. The drill has been completed. It's safe for the Admiral to return and for Pauletta and I to return," he replied.

"Standby," Østergaard replied.

A moment later, the two security guards vanished in a swirl of particles and in the center of the bridge, a third figure was deposited, resolving into the form of Admiral Sepandiyar. "Captain," he nodded to Drake, "A well-executed counter-insurgency. I would like full reports on the day's action on my desk by the end of the day, please," he explained, glancing briefly back at St. John who looked wholly drained, slumped in her chair. She sat up a bit at the Admiral's attention on her. "Miss St. John. Resume course please," he said with the slightest touch of a proud smile. Zavareh turned back to Drake, carefully took his glasses out of his pocket, put them back on and then walked to the center chair and sat down.

"Aye Sir," replied Edward turning around to face the rest of the bridge, taking a mental note of affairs as the lights came back on. "You'll have my report and assessment within the hour," he said as he straightened up. "With your permission, I'd like to write it in my.own office, I have some footage I'd like to review."

Zavareh nodded, activating the display on the terminal built into the center chair. The holo display came to life and he looked past it to Captain Drake, "As you wish, Captain. I have the bridge."


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